Laptop or Tablet    
Plan to bring a laptop or tablet along with you for taking notes and downloading presentations and other materials.

A simple SurveyMonkey survey that will help the instructors to tailor their presentations 
to the participants' needs. Once you are registered you will be given a link to the survey.
2016 OKWS Participant Survey

Deadline is September 15, 2018.

There will be a few simple homework projects that will need to be submitted prior to the workshop. They will be used in the workshop and later as a resource for the SSP. They must be submitted to the Dropbox by September 15, 2018.  Contact David Hamilton with any questions. The files must be named as specified below.

A quiz to see what you really know about those mischievous little critters we care for. Once you are registered you will be given a link to the survey.
2016 OKWS Pre-Test (Link live as of ___________)

Exhibit PowerPoint
Create a simple PowerPoint presentation of your institution's exhibit and your otters. Show off your good stuff. Point out what you would do differently if you could. Include some close up pictures of each of your otters.

Limitations - twenty slides, PowerPoint (any version).

Name the file - your zoo species 2018.ppt e.g. Philadelphia Zoo GO 2018.ppt, Newport Aquarium ASCO 2018.pptx

It should look something like this example from the Oakland Zoo, Oakland Zoo NARO 2010.pptx.

Send a clear picture of each of your otters' faces.
Name the file - their name your zoo.jpg

Enrichment List
Send us a list of your approved enrichment items for your otters. We are also interested in other exciting things that you are doing to keep your otters active and thinking. Pictures are great!
Name the file: Enrichment your species your zoo.doc or
Enrichment your species your zoo.xls
e.g. Enrichment NARO Mesker Park Zoo.xlsx

Describe your Life Support System
Send description of your Life Support System.  This could be a document or a annotated Powerpoint.
Name the file: Life Support your zoo.doc or 
Life Support your zoo.pptx
e.g. Life Support Seneca Park Zoo.pptx

Enrichment Powerpoint
Create one PowerPoint slide with pictures of three of your most creative otter enrichment items.  Make sure to include pictures, short description(if needed), your name and the name of your zoo.  They will all be added into one power point show for our enrichment night.

Name the file: Creative Enrichment your zoo.ppt or .pptx

Fun Videos and Pictures
Send in any short video clips or photos of your otters being cute, cool, super smart, mischevious, etc.

Name the file - your zoo fun pics 2018.jpg or your zoo fun video 2018.mov,  e.g. Denver Zoo Fun Pics 2016.jpg

Extra Credit!!!
Record videos with clear audio capturing otter vocalizations send a note explaining the context.  Name the file: ASCO Vocalization Contact Call, NARO Vocalization Aggression.

Upload your homework assignments to a folder on Dropbox.  Name the folder "OKWS 2018 your zoo your name".  Share that folder with David.

David Hamilton,
Aug 2, 2013, 6:07 PM