Workshop Topics

Topics will include:

  • Captive management issues
  • Natural history 
  • Training
  • Enrichment
  • Population management
  • Veterinary issues
  • Nutrition
  • Water quality
  • Exhibit design
  • Interpretation of otters
  • Breakout sessions for in-depth discussion of each of      the species and other topics.
  • Lots of sharing of information between keepers.

What will I gain from the Otter Keeper Workshop?

  1. Lots of new otter knowledge.
  2. Lots of otter contacts and new otter friends.
  3. Several days packed with otters, otters, otters.                                                          (Just try to count the times we say "otter" during the OKWS.)
  4. A flashdrive with several megabytes of otter information.
  5. Tons of ideas to take back to your otters.
  6. The chance to become an official otterologist.