The next workshop Otter Keeper Workshop 2016 will be held in Buffalo, NY.  The Buffalo Zoo will be our host.

There will be more information to follow.  This website will be updated as the details are filled in.


The 2016 Otter Keeper Workshop (OKWS) will be a comprehensive four-day workshop covering the care and management of otters in captivity.  The workshop will be devoted to four of the species managed in Association of Zoos and Aquariums, (AZA) facilities: African spotted-necked otters, Asian small-clawed otters, giant otters, and North American river otters. 2014 will be the sixth offering of the OKWS.  This time the hosts will be the Downtown Aquarium, home to North American river otters and Denver Zoo, home to Asian small-clawed otters and North American river otters.  The majority of our sessions will be held at the hosts' facilities.  


The ultimate goal is to have an OKWS-trained staff person in each of the AZA otter-holding institutions. Since space is always limited at the workshop, institutions should only send one staff person per year. Only under extreme circumstances should an attendee participate in multiple years.  The workshop is meant for front-line otter keepers, although Zoo Educators, Curators and, researchers and college students interested in otters have attended the workshop. There have even been attendees from three other countries.

The workshop registration is not open yet.  The deadline will be January 15, 2016.  Keep an eye out for OKWS 2016 updates and "Like" us on Facebook to keep up with the workshop, otter news and great otter pictures.