2016 Workshop Attendees


Due at registration.  Final deadline is TBD, 2018, but register early as space is limited!  The number of attendees per species is capped.

Cost: $225.00 USD, non-refundable after TBD, 2018. An institution can switch attendees with approval.

How to Register

Online Registration.  If you are an employee of an AZA institution that has or is planning to acquire one of the four otters, register and pay online with the link below for your species. 

North American river otters

Asian small clawed otters

Spotted necked otters

Giant otters

Tallie Wiles, Otter Keeper Workshop
Asia Trail/Giant Pandas
Center for Animal Care Sciences
Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
National Zoological Park
PO Box 37012, MRC 5507 Animal Programs
Washington, DC 20013-7012

fax:     585.753.2540