The first evening (10/18/20) will be the Ice Breaker event. There will be introductions, announcements, mingling, last minute submissions and picking up workshop materials. The last day (10/22/20) will go well into the afternoon. The entire workshop will be capped off with a night-on-the-town with other attendees and the instructors. Plan your travel time accordingly so that you don't miss anything.

By Air

Fly into Link to airport

Then take ground transportation from the Airport to the Hotel.

Recommended  ground transportation options:

From Airport: 
For Hotel: 
From Zoo to Hotel: 
From Hotel to zoo: 

By Ground Only
If you expect to drive, you might be able to carpool with another participant. After the registration deadline, you will be given a list of the other attendees. Check it out, reach out to someone.

The Hotel Address